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A ∩ B implies that we have to shade the common portion of A and B. It is suggested to fill the Venn Diagram with all the possible elements that are intersecting in 2 or more 2 Sets as shown below. Write down the remaining elements in the intersection X ∩ Y, Y ∩ Z, and X ∩ Z. For example, the Venn Diagram given above represents any Set A in a shaded region. In the above Venn Diagram, we can see that the rectangular universal Set includes two independent Sets X and Y.

symbols of venn diagram

As it includes every item, we can refer to it as ‘ the universal Set’. As we know, each Set is the subSet of the universal Set . It means that every other Set that is drawn inside the rectangle represents the Universal Set. In business and industries, such logical diagrams are used to compare and distinguish outcomes, services, operations, etc. They are also involved in solving complex mathematical problems, comparing data sets, finding correlations and forecast possibilities of certain occurrences. In mathematics; Set Operations, Data Interpretation, Percentages and reasoning topics like Syllogisms uses the concepts of the Venn diagram.

Complement of Set Venn Diagram

The factors inside a curve labelled S symbolize parts of the set S, while factors exterior the boundary symbolize parts not in the set S. In this article, we have discussed that Venn’s diagram is a pictorial exhibition of all attainable real relations between a group of varied sets of things. It is created from many overlapping circles or oval shapes, with every circle representing one set of items. This article helps students to learn in detail about Venn Diagram, symbols, operations of sets on Venn Diagram. At the end, we have discussed some solved examples which will help the child to understand this topic in a better way.

In the diagram the shaded region shows the complement of P. In the above set the part that is drawn in red shows the intersection. Moreover, sketch circles depending on the number of classes made in the first step.

Of course, the objects being studied in skilled diagrams are often not candy bars or movie characters. And there’s much more you need to perceive to use them successfully. Now 2, 3 and 7 are the only elements of U which do not belong to A.

Set Notations in Venn diagram

The drawing is an example of a Venn diagram that shows the relationship among three overlapping units X, Y, and Z. The intersection relation is defined as the equal of the logic AND. Ans.3 Such a diagram consists of numerous overlapping usually with circles. Ans.1 These are logical representations of data or information that shows the potential relationship amongst different finite sets. Venn diagrams are used in different fields including business, statistics, linguistics, etc.

symbols of venn diagram

The above diagram shows the set difference operation of P – Q. In the below headings you will understand how to draw two-set and three-set Venn diagrams. The parts that do not overlap or intersect show the elements that are unique distinguish between debtors and creditors to the different circle. Every element present in a circle is its own item or data set. A universal set accommodates all the sets under consideration. Mathematicians also use Venn diagrams in math to solve complex equations.


To understand this, first we need to understand the difference between the empty set and the number zero. Here,we had learned that empty set is a subset of every set and every set is a subset of itself. The cardinality of an empty set is zero because there is no element in the empty set. As we all know that, a set is a well-defined collection of distant objects, so how can it be possible a set having no element. The Empty set was first derived by Leibnizwhile working on the initial conception of symbolic logic. See how the type and number of a quantity can be mathematically represented pictorially.

Venn Diagrams are commonly used in schools to make the students understand the Mathematics concepts like Sets, the intersection of Sets, and the union of Sets. Venn Diagrams are also used to study the similarities and differences among different languages. Venn Diagrams can be used by programmers to envisage computer languages and hierarchies.

Is the Empty Set, a subset of all sets?

A or B represents the Set of all the elements belonging to A or B. A represents the number of elements belonging to Set A only. The relationship between a Set of Natural Numbers, Whole Numbers, and integers can be represented by the Venn Diagram as shown below. Ans.6 This indicates that the diagram holds three circles for the prediction of associations amongst the set.

The shaded portion in Figure indicates the intersection of A and B. A set is a collection of well defined objects or groups of objects. This page contains a decent amount of information about Venn Diagrams, how they’re used, and how to make them represent Mathematical information. You can also go through the Vedantu website or app to find more information on Venn Diagrams and other forms of graphically representing Mathematical information. Linguistics is a branch of study that deals with the technicalities of language.

In Venn diagrams the curves are overlapped in each potential way, showing all attainable relations between the units. They are thus a particular case of Euler diagrams, which do not necessarily present all relations. Let U be the universal set which consists of all prime numbers and A be the subset of U which consists of all those prime numbers that are not divisors of 42. A ∩ BThe intersection of two sets A and B is the set of all those elements which belong to both A and B. Market Research is generally conducted by industries and companies to find out more about their target audience and develop sales strategies accordingly. For example, a company producing a new gaming console will want to know more about the kind of people who are most likely to buy gaming consoles.

Uses of Venn Diagrams

If we have two or more sets, we can use a Venn diagram to show the logical relationship among these sets as well as the cardinality of those sets. In particular, Venn Diagrams are used to demonstrate De Morgan’s Laws. Sometimes a rectangle, known as the Universal set, is drawn around the Venn diagram to characterize the house of all attainable things under consideration. Most of the relationships between sets can be represented by means of diagrams which are known as Venn diagrams.

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